Bioenergetics balancing 

Tuning in the body's intelligence

In naturopathy, it is always interesting to complete our discussions with you with an “interview” of your body. Several techniques are possible (iridiology, kinesiology…). We chose to work with the Lecher Antenna.


We chose to work with the Lecher Antenna.

The main reason is that our keen interest in geobiology makes this tool familiar to me. We were thus able to fully benefit from the teachings of Dame Anne-Marie Delmotte (Knight of the Order of Leopold), a recognized specialist in the geobiology of sacred sites (French and British in particular) and who developed a method to analyze and rebalance the energies of the body, which we call bioenergy.

The Lecher Antenna makes it possible to precisely measure your vital force (on the Bovis scale) before and after the session but also throughout the naturopathic reform. Let us not forget that increasing and maintaining your life force is the main goal of our consultations.

Likewise, this Antenna makes it possible to measure the vibration emitted by different parts of your physical, energetic, and even spiritual bodies. We are therefore able to measure the vibratory quality of your organs but also of your meridians and chakras and to balance them, when necessary, through a process called bioresonance. In addition, it is possible to identify other natural remedies.

During the consultations, I take more than a hundred measurements that complement the iridology assessment and our discussions, which allows you to see concretely the benefits obtained.

This technique can be used at the practice or remotely.